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V. N. Gaia - Portugal

V. N. Gaia - Portugal

Luxury Gold Collection - Pens, Watches and Port Wine

Montegrappa Sterling Silver Limited Edition Tertio Milllenio Adveniente

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Preço base: €600

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Comissão da leiloeira: 16%

IVA: Sobre a comissão apenas

Montegrappa Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Model: Tertio Millenio Adveniente

Cap/Barrel/Clip: Celluloid and sterling silver

Nib: 18K Gold two tone rhodium-plated gold 

Length: 14,5 cm with cap // 13,4 cm without cap

Brand New condition.

Serial Number: 0853-1912

Fountain Includes: Montegrappa ink bottle, maker’s display box, booklet and documents.

Peso: 68.2 GR

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